Half-term holiday destination; Castelldefels

With a sandy beach that stretches for miles, Castelldefels is definitely one of our favourite holiday destinations. Just 11 miles outside Barcelona, Castelldefels still manages to give you the right atmosphere for a family holiday.     
With the half-term round the corner, there just might be one last chance of soaking up some of the Mediterranean sun with the kids.

There are a collection of family friendly hotels and apartments which are in very close proximity to the beach. 

The selection of eateries available is sure to please even the most choosy palates; from Japanese to Italian cuisine. The play area at the beach will certainly keep the kids entertained and you could even hire a bicycle for a few euros to help you in your exploration of the area.

Getting to Barcelona from Castelldefels

With Barcelona being so close by, you can still experience the hustle and bustle of the city and still make it back to your hotel with ease.

You can call a taxi and be in Barcelona in under 30 minutes but getting the bus is a lot cheaper but takes over an hour to get to Barcelona because of the frequent stops. The bus L95 and L97 both go to and from Barcelona. However getting the train is by far the most cost effective option as there are direct trains from Castelldefels to Barcelona.

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